Sweet Paw's CBD was originally created as a way for us to help our dog, Leo, with a tumor that had formed on his eyelid. Over the course of a year, we had noticed that his tumor decreased significantly in size, while giving him our homemade CBD Oil recipe.

Not only did Leo's tumor decrease in overall size, we noticed his entire demeanor changed- We noticed that there were fewer incidents of separation anxiety when he was left alone. After taking Sweet Paws CBD, Leo was able to hike longer and further with excitement & ease!

After realizing Leo's sweet and calm behavior was related to our CBD Oil, we began to develop our herbal recipes to add additional benefits.


Currently we have two CBD Oil Recipes, Mountain Mint and Running Wild, & Limited Batches of our popular CBD Treats! Mountain Mint has been formulated to give your pet the added benefit of gum and dental support & Running Wild has been developed with the benefit of muscle & joint support!

Our intention is to help your pet live their best life alongside you all while feeling their happiest and healthiest self.

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